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Dear guest!

If you are looking for a long menu made by experts who will lecture on the history of wine - or if you think you will get food prepared from ingredients grown in exotic countries from far away - you have come to the wrong restaurant. If, on the other hand, you want an excellent meal prepared from fresh, local ingredients made by chefs who know what they are doing and served in the spirit of social food, then please take a seat. MadIndustrien is the place where you and your friends, your family or business associates can enjoy a nice meal at a reasonable price.

To put it shortly: "We will do our best to give you an unforgettable experience..."


Welcome to Madindustrien.

Bedste restaurant Vejle

Hvor skal man spise Vejle

God lækker mad vin cocktail



Have a look at our current menu.

If you are a group of more than eight people, the menu must be preordered.

For groups of 12+ people you must choose the same menu for all in the whole group.
Naturally, we are flexible regarding guests with allergies or other dietary concerns.


For groups of 30+ people, we refer to our group and events menus.



Have a look at our current wine card and other beverages.​
Only available in Danish, sorry.
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